Fundamental Duties

  1. 6.   Which among the following is not the fundamental duties
    A.) To abide by the constitution and respect the national flag and the national anthem B.) To defame the country
    C.) To promote the spirit of common brotherhood among all the people in India D.) To develop the scientific temper and spirit of inquiry
    Answer: Option 'B'

  2. 7.   The fundamental duties has been inserted by the
    A.) 24th constitutional amendment B.) 43rd constitutional amendment
    C.) 42nd constitutional amendment D.) 44th constitutional amendment
    Answer: Option 'C'

  3. 8.   The fundamental duties added to the constitution in the year
    A.) 1974 B.) 1975
    C.) 1978 D.) 1976
    Answer: Option 'D'

  4. 9.   Which of the following pairs of writs have been issued to secure the jurisdiction of an inferior court

            of tribunal is properly exercised and that it does not usurp the jurisdiction which it does not possess
    A.)Habeas Corpus & Mandamus B.) Mandamus & Prohibition
    C.)Prohibition & Certiorari D.) Certiorari & Quo-warranto
    Answer: Option 'C'

  5. 10.   Provisions of the associated state omitted and Sikkim has been admitted into the union of india as a state by
    A.) 36th Amendment B.) 37th Amendment
    C.) 38th Amendment D.) 39th Amendment
    Answer: Option 'A'
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