World Geography

  1. 25.  When one crosses ............, a day is added.
    A.) 180° longitude from east to west B.) 180° longitude from west to east
    C.) The equator from north to south D.) The equator from south to north
    Answer: Option 'A'
  2. 26.  Which weather condition is indicated by a sudden fall in barometer reading?
    A.) Stormy weather B.) Cold and dry weather
    C.) Calm weather D.) Hot and sunny weather
    Answer: Option 'C'
  3. 27.  Where does the most of the weather phenomena takes place?
    A.) Tropopause B.) Stratosphere
    C.) Troposphere D.) Ionosphere
    Answer: Option 'C'
  4. 28.  ......... layer of the atmosphere maintains an almost uniform horizontal temperature.
    A.) Ionosphere B.) Tropopause
    C.) Stratosphere D.) Troposphere
    Answer: Option 'C'
  5. 29.  When does the thickness of the troposphere increase?
    A.) Autumn B.) Winter
    C.) Spring D.) Summer
    Answer: Option 'D'
  6. 30.  ........ gas in the atmosphere absorbs Ultra Violet.
    A.) Ozone B.) Helium
    C.) Methane D.) Nitrogen
    Answer: Option 'A'
  7. 31.  The doldrums belt is located at
    A.) Equator, poles B.) Poles, equator
    C.) Tropic of cancer, Equator D.) Tropic of cancer, Tropic of Capricorn
    Answer: Option 'A'
  8. 32.  The name of the winds blowing from subtropical high pressure regions to the equator is
    A.) Westerlies B.) High latitude easterlies
    C.) Doldrums D.) Tropical easterlies
    Answer: Option 'D'
  9. 33.  The term 'Horse latitudes' is applied to
    A.) 0-5° N and S latitudes B.) Polar circles
    C.) 30-40° N and S latitudes D.) 40-60° N and S latitudes
    Answer: Option 'C'
  10. 34.  What is the biggest fresh water lake in the world?
    A.) Baikal lake B.) Nyasa lake
    C.) Superior lake D.) Victoria lake
    Answer: Option 'C'
  11. 35.  One of the following towns is not the railway station of Canadian Pacific Railway. What is it?
    A.) Vancouver B.) San Francisco
    C.) Winning D.) Regina
    Answer: Option 'B'
  12. 36.  Where does the river Mississipi fall?
    A.) Atlantic Ocean B.) Superior lake
    C.) Pacific Ocean D.) The Gulf of Mexico
    Answer: Option 'D'
  13. 37.  Which of the following has the name "Sierra Nevada"?
    A.) A mountain in America B.) A fruit found in America
    C.) An animal of America D.) A disease found in America
    Answer: Option 'A'
  14. 38.  Where is the biggest meat market of the world?
    A.) Boston B.) Chicago
    C.) London D.) Winnipeg
    Answer: Option 'B'
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