World Geography

  1. 38.  How does the velocity of winds is governed?
    A.) Rotation of the earth B.) Farrel’s law
    C.) Pressure gradient D.) Temperature
    Answer: Option 'C'
  2. 39.  Near the Tropo pause, over which region the temperature is the highest?
    A.) Near the tropic of cancer B.) Near the tropic of Capricorn
    C.) Over the arctic region D.) Around the equator
    Answer: Option 'C'
  3. 40.  What is the tributary of Indus that does not flow through Pakistan?
    A.) Satluj B.) Beas
    C.) Chenab D.) Ravi
    Answer: Option 'B'
  4. 41.  ......... plateau is a piedmont plateau.
    A.) Kaimur plateau B.) Ranchi plateau
    C.) Rohtas plateau D.) Malwa plateau
    Answer: Option 'D'
  5. 42.  What is the instrument used for measuring humidity?
    A.) Hygrometer B.) Hydrometer
    C.) Barometer D.) Thermometer
    Answer: Option 'A'
  6. 43.  ......... is not a planetary wind.
    A.) Westerlies B.) Drainage winds
    C.) Trade winds D.) Easterlies
    Answer: Option 'B'
  7. 43.  The pressure exerted by the atmosphere at sea level is
    A.) One kg per B.) One pound per
    C.) Five kg per D.) Two kg per
    Answer: Option 'A'
  8. 44.  What is referred as 'Mackeral sky'?
    A.) Cumulonimbus B.) Cirrocumulus
    C.) Cirrostratus D.) Cirrus
    Answer: Option 'B'
  9. 45.  What changes occur if the temperature of water is lowered from 8 to 3 degrees centigrade?
    A.) Water will freeze B.) Water will not change in volume
    C.) The volume will first increase & then decrease D.) The volume will first decrease & then increase
    Answer: Option 'D'
  10. 46.  The chief mineral of Russia is
    A.) Coal B.) Copper
    C.) Tin D.) Iron
    Answer: Option 'A'
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