World Geography

  1. 106.  For what production, Grozny is famous?
    A.) Uranium B.) Petroleum
    C.) Thorium D.) Gold
    Answer: Option 'B'
  2. 107.  The most important crop of the temperate grasslands is
    A.) Citrus fruit B.)Sugarcane
    C.) Cereals D.) Date
    Answer: Option 'C'
  3. 108.  Which of the following areas is important for soft wood forests?
    A.) Monsoon regions B.) Cold temperate regions
    C.) Mid-latitude deserts D.) Tundra regions
    Answer: Option 'B'
  4. 109.  What is the largest producer of groundnuts?
    A.) India B.) China
    C.) Sudan D.) Brazil
    Answer: Option 'A'
  5. 110.  The largest producer of tobacco is
    A.) USA B.) India
    C.) China D.) Brazil
    Answer: Option 'C'
  6. 111.  Which country produces the largest quantity of barley?
    A.) Russia B.) China
    C.) USA D.) India
    Answer: Option 'A'
  7. 112.  Which country is the largest producer of long staple cotton?
    A.) UAE B.) China
    C.) Sudan D.) USA
    Answer: Option 'D'
  8. 113.  The country which has largest cattle population is
    A.) Australia B.) India
    C.) USA D.) Denmark
    Answer: Option 'B'
  9. 114.  In which production, India is a leading country?
    A.) Cheese B.) Meat
    C.) Butter and ghee D.) Pork
    Answer: Option 'C'
  10. 115.  What is the main region of South America which produces wheat?
    A.) Columbia B.) Brazil
    C.) Peru D.) Pampas
    Answer: Option 'D'
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